Training & Certification Centers


Seafarer's Training and Certifying Center

Recognizing the importance of sufficient trainings & education as a basis for selection seamen for Principals we have established close and fruitful relations with the Seafarer's Training and Certifying Center (TCCS) located in Odessa, approved by Det Norske Veritas, and OTI (Baku), accredited to teach Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET), Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) and HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) to the standards set by The Oil & Gas Academy (OPITO). The training programs of the both Training Centers appropriate mandatory requirements of the MARPOL & HSE programs and STCW'95 based on the IMO model courses.

Lerus Training Centre provides delegates with a realistic offshore training experience, in a safe and controlled environment. Expertly-trained and experienced instructors ensure that delegates receive personal attention and any areas of concern are addressed during their training, giving reassurance and increased confidence when involved in any potential emergency situation.

Odessa National Marine Academy

Cadets as Apprentices and future employees, STCW-95 special training and certification.

Odessa Maritime Training Center. "Lesozavodsk".

STCW95 special training and certification, non-conventional training and certification.

National University of Shipbuilding named after admiral Makarov (NUS)

National University of Shipbuilding named after admiral Makarov provide university education with specialization required for academic status ship's electrician III-I. If you interested in it follow the link: "National University of Shipbuilding named after admiral Makarov".

Odessa Harbour Master office

Seamens' documents, crew lists.


Medical Center - physical examination, medical treatment.

Engineering-Attestation Center "Prometey"

MAU works in close co-operation with the Engineering-Attestation Center "Prometey" (Collective enterprise of the Society of Welders of Ukraine). Each candidate for employment with the Ukrainian and foreign companies in a capacity of welders, prior to signing the contract, has to pass thorough testing of his professional skills by the experienced instructors from the "Prometey" staff, certified by the national and international authorities. Should the candidate's level of practical skill or theoretical background be found insufficient, he will be advised to improve, by taking intensive course of welding pursuant to his specialisation.

Modern equipment, used in daily practice of "Prometey", enables the candidates to get well familiarised with welding apparatus used worldwide.

Welding materials, used in the course of testing/teaching, are all certified, and Welding procedures are all approved by the leading classification societies.

Thus fruitful co-operation of MAU with "Prometey" ensures supply of high-skilled manpower to our Customers.